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About Us

Our Passion is Making You Beautiful

Deployed in Delhi, Shadma Usmani is a top makeup artist and who worked with brilliance and is perceived for her unrepeatable style. She supposes that every bride deserves to have makeup that embroiders her vision of the perfect bridal look and customizes each look using her professional skills and a mix of garden variety as well as emerging era techniques including airbrushing. Each session is introduced by a precise discussion in order to understand the bride’s presumption and she strives to create makeup that will bring about a fine balance to the package. In her endeavour to achieve magnificence not only does she anticipate on the most premium products but also persistently keeps updating her skills by educating herself further in the field…..

Shadma usmani’s enlightened and stylish personality shine back in her makeup emerge into astonishing beauty makeovers that make heads turn in admiration. She is splendid wedding makeup artist in Delhi, make use of top makeup strives to deliver astounding bridal transformations.

Adding up a phenomenal texture, she extends your beauty on the wedding look that you will adore forever, containing good amount of experience. That totally refers on your natural skin tone and type; she recommends perfect makeup to give you a bold look that merges modern theme of occasion. She drives that tone, textures and brushes to explore variegated makeups with her wonderful exposure to enhance your natural beauty on your occasion. She is a part of new age Makeup Artist. Her coined attributes like Airbrushing as innovative and without any imperfections. Relies an alluring greet towards beauty.

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